APF TV Limited is an independent film and media production company. We secure exclusive rights to fascinating true-life stories and translate these intellectual properties into film as well as television documentaries. In addition we offer a wide range of courses from TV presenting, digital production, drama to creative writing, which are be made available to our students. Our aim is to support young people not in education, employment or training, those at risk of becoming NEET. Stop And Search – We bring celebrities to discuss their own experiences with crime, punishment, and law enforcement, jam-packed with clips and memes. Mentor Mini web Docs – The mentors and partners of the AP Foundation discuss their lives and pathway into crime, as well as their reform and what the AP Foundation can offer someone still on or deciding to go down a wayward path.


Currently In Production – APF TV camera crew working on our new documentary film “Dying to Belong”

Reformed criminal Andrew Pritchard, who once held the title of being one of Britain’s most notorious drug smugglers, takes us into the very heart of ‘Lawless Britain’ to find the human story behind the gangs involved in the Postcode Wars.  

A hard hitting in depth investigation into Street Crime, Postcode Gangs and County Lines. Instead of the usual ‘outside looking in’ voyeuristic observational take on the crimes and criminals involved fronted by the likes of Danny Dyer, Ross Kemp, etc; instead we tell the story from the ‘inside looking out’… a serious investigative piece told from the gang members point of view.  

Nobody woke up one morning and said I want to be in a gang… you all just grew up in the same area and both areas happened to be deprived areas with the same problems but the main problem you have is you live on an impoverished estate, people have not much money there, that’s one of the biggest problems, they’ve got no money. How can we make money? We can’t get no jobs so you turn to drugs.  24-year-old Londoner


Crime Café

the definitive true crime podcast.

Drop in and join us for a cup of tea and a slice of reality… as we delve into the real world of crime and justice. 

Share a table with a group of ex-criminals, wander over to the police officers who brought them to justice, bump into those whose job is to keep them secure in our prisons, stand in the queue with the men and women who work to rehabilitate them, listen to the survivors and victims of crime and meet those who are trying to change the system.  Or simply sit back and let us tell you a story…

Crime Café is an informed, insightful and at times controversial take on the world of crime, presented in a variety of formats (round-table discussions, investigative reports, interviews, topical analysis, vox pop, features, music and drama) exploring all aspects of crime, justice, punishment and rehabilitation… past and present.

Anchored by  ex-offender Andrew Pritchard alongside a criminologist in a vibrant café atmosphere, we meet the people who live and work on the frontline and tell their stories. 

Green Screen

Accredited Courses 

  • Audio, Radio & Digital Production. Audio is prospering thanks to its ability to adapt to new platforms and is now being transformed by a new generation of listeners as it expands into the digital arena, offering the listener greater choice and the audio producer greater opportunity. The course will equip the residents with the practical and creative skills necessary to produce audio and digital content for a variety of broadcast platforms.  It will also provide the residents with the knowledge, skills and professional support needed to launch their career in the audio industry at entry level.


  • Creative Writing & Journalism. Today there are multiple opportunities for the professional writer with the emergence of social media, digital publishing, blogging and podcasting as well as the more traditional routes of journalism, copywriting, fiction and non-fiction publishing, playwright and screenwriter. The course will help residents discover the skills necessary to turn their ideas into a practical experience and guide them through the many opportunities there are to monetise their work.


  • Film & Television Production. There has been an explosion of activity in the British film and television industry in the last few years, with the UK becoming the global destination of choice for film and TV production with almost £2 billion spent on UK-based productions last year.  The Film & Television course is split into two modules: Production and Filmmaking. The Production module is an introduction to the current Film & Television Industry and how it works from the initial idea stage through to the final delivery of the completed film or television programme. We also cover the wide variety of transferrable skills and career opportunities that are available within the industry. The Filmmaking module is a practical workshop that equips the students with the basic skills needed to make a drama or documentary, culminating in the production of their own short film or programme, made in our pop-up green screen studio.


  • Theatre & Performing Arts. Theatre & Performing Arts is a fast-growing sector in the UK entertainment industry. From pubs and clubs to cruise ships and holiday camps; from schools and community art centres to regional theatres and the national stage. We introduce our students to the many career opportunities in the world of theatre, while highlighting the importance of teamwork, organisation, time management, communication, discipline, good people skills and the need for a commitment that is not always rewarded financially. We prepare our students for the challenges of working as a freelance in a highly competitive industry. We look at the job opportunities across the sector and introduce the residents to the transferrable practical skills required for employment.


  • Music Industry. The music industry is innovative, fast-paced and constantly changing, as technological advances and new platforms present new opportunities. The Music Industry programme is aimed at young adult offenders who are interested in making a living from music, both classical and contemporary. The course will focus on developing the core skills needed as a music business entrepreneur. Covering areas such as artist management, marketing, music publishing, copyright legislation, the internet and social media, the live performance industry, music recording and distribution.  At the end of the course each student will have created a music CD, organised a band or ensemble from musical residents and produced or directed a live music concert.